Deva: Very very rare living in a sky city, typically live with Air & Storm Genasi.

Dragonborn: Race created by Bahamut, always created from another race, Infertile.

Genasi: Very rare, typically far from civilization, or living with a similar race, Example: Earth Genasi living with goliath and dwarves.

Tiefling: Very, very rare, living in harmony with fire Genasi, Tiefling live in the heart of volcanoes and occasionally have dealings with the Dwarves, Dragonborn and Earth Genasi living above them.

Drow: Elves that dwell in the shadows, though numerous, they tend to avoid other races.

Dwarf: Live in mountain strongholds deep beneath the earth, often coexisting with Dragonkin and Earth Genasi, they generally dislike Goliath

Wood Elves: Elves of the forest realm, they get along better with humans than their high elf breatheren

Goliath: The mountain folk living in the cold and harsh environments of the north, don’t get along well with Dwarves.

Minotaur: live in the mountains with the Goliath or in the plains with humans

Bugbear : The self-proclaimed Goblinoid Kingdom of Scagmaul sits on the border of Arnas and Nirus. Here, Goblinoids seek the respect and recognition of their neighbors. Bugbears often serve the Scagmaul military as scouts, fighters and archers. (Bugbears from elsewhere are often more savage and tribal.)

Centaur: Math Coming soon

Gnome: Mischevious and playful, Gnomes have no home of their own but coexist with many other races.

High Elves: Elves of the cities and keepers of powerful magics, the High Elves are by far the most arrogant of the elves.

Half Elf: Descended from Human and Elvish blood, generally well received by all, though they often have “something to prove”

Half Orc: Descendant of Human and Orc blood, the Half Orcs get along well with Goliath and Dwarves but are ill received by Elves and Deva.

Halfling: Shire Folk, halflings are general carefree, but never fail to find courage when it is needed.

Human: Most populous race, and the currently the most politically powerful race, humans get along well with most races, though High Elves tend to look down upon them.

Shifter: The Beast folk, Shifters get along well with Wood Elves

Shadar Kai: Humans that have lived in the shadows for ages, they coexist with drow.

Lizardfolk: Lizardfolk tend to be paranoid about outsiders, they are however at the same time very curious

Warforged: Very, very rare constructs created by the dwarves of old. The secrets of their construction has been lost for ages.


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