Gaming Policies

  • Arrive Early – Try to arrive roughly 30 minutes to and hour before the game is slated to start so that you can assure that you have time to get ready, chat and hang out with friends before session. When we say the session will start at such and such time we mean that that is the time when everyone should be around the table with character sheets and dice ready to go….not the time people should be walking in the door.
  • Level Before Session – Please Level up your character before the day of the next session, the process can take some time especially when you have to pick powers, feats, and other heroic features. We all want to get to some fast, furious, fun and if you come to the session prepared we can all get into the action much sooner.
  • Leaving the Table – No one is going to force you to sit at the table the entire time we play. But, sometimes when you leave the table, especially during combat, things can grind to a halt. So, if you have to leave the table, for more then a few moments, say for the purpose of using the restroom (#2) or moving your car…. the player sitting to your left will make decisions for your character in combat. That being said, if you leave the table, write a quick note as to what you’d like your character to do – if you have time, note any attack bonuses or damage for the player, so they don’t have to eyeball your character sheet trying to figure out what does what. Also please make sure at least someone knows were you are.
  • Roll All of Your Dice – Pretty straightforward here, when you roll to attack, assume you’re going to hit, and roll your damage dice at the same time. It shaves a little time off of your turn, but, in the long run, it makes things go by a great deal faster. Just have all your dice ready when making the roll!
  • Keep Unnecessary Dice and clutter off the table – Once again pretty straightforward, if you only roll d20s and d8s then you really have no reason to clutter the table with all those d4s and d6s, Keep those spare dice in a box close at hand so they aren’t cluttering up yours or others roles, but available in-case you do need to make that odd diceroll for some reason. The same thing goes for clutter like snack wrappers, Phones, pocket knifes and keys. for trash like wrappers, throw it away. For other personal items either keep them in your pockets, on a nearby shelf, or in a gaming bag on the floor and out of the way.
  • Whisper your conversations – Dungeons & Dragons is a social activity, there’s no question about it; getting together with a bunch of friends and playing a game is what it boils down to, ultimately. But, sometimes, other players, or myself, need to speak in order to move the game along. So, when someone’s trying to say something relevant to the game at hand, quiet down for a few seconds to let them speak. Some players are louder than others, and you drown out the other players that can’t bellow quite as hard as you can. Also certain subjects such as WoW can suck a lot of people into them as most of us have extensive experience with said subjects so try to keep conversations about WoW and other “MegaTopics” to a minimum so we don’t all get sucked away from the game. D&D just isn’t the best place for druid tank theory crafting or bragging about ICC loot you got last raid. Instead try to focus on that killer rain of blows crit or the humor of the party barbarian slamming head first into a big wooden table and getting covered in bread pudding.
  • GM talking priority – It is my job to manage the gameworld, descriptions, NPCs, and responses to player actions as such once I have begun speaking on a D&D relevant topic all conversations should lower to a whisper or preferable cease altogether until I am finished..I will however try to wait for people who are talking to finish their current statements before interrupting them with game content. This may seem redundant but trust me it is critical to a good game as a frustrated GM often makes mistakes…and noisy players often miss that description about the raised floor tile that all to often leads to their decapitation.
  • Come Prepared – While plenty of us have extra dice, and pencils aren’t terribly hard to find, it’s still a good idea to make sure you have both of the above, as well as some scrap paper, if you find yourself needing. We’re more than happy to loan out dice and pencils where needed, but resources quickly get tapped – borrowed dice and pencils have a way of disappearing. Also as this is 4e make sure you have all the dice for your 3w,4w, ect attacks on hand as well.
  • Computers, and Handheld Devices – Computers are great tools, they can serve as character sheets, notebooks, dicerollers, music players, calculators and perform a host of other uses at table…However they all to often serve as a distractions. Please try to avoid websites such as failblog and FML or running about on WoW. You have all week to surf the web but only a precious few hours to spend with your flesh and blood D&D buddies. If you feel you must distract yourself with these website Please do not draw others into the distractions.
  • Music and Sounds – The GM will ask for a music keeper and request a general theme for the music please do not play noises or sounds from devices unless you are requested to by the GM… generally one person will be tasked with this before session
  • GM Assistants – The GMs job is a busy and hectic one at times and he will from time to time doll out responsibility to other players such as gathering all the players inititives on one sheet of paper, handling music or figs, drawing things beyond his artistic skill on the battle map, playing an NPC combatant or various other responsibilities.
  • Replacing Dead Characters & Retraining – If replacing a dead character, you can make a character at the same level as the deceased one, however at the minimum experience for that level; replacing a character that still lives, however, will cost your character 1 full level.

    There will be a 3 session grace period at the beginning of the campaign during which no penalties will be accrued for a character change…but please do keep in mind that major changes such as backstory, race, and class can make my job more difficult and result in less content tailored towards you for a number of sessions while I figure out how to weave in your new toon.

    However, not to lock people into poor choices, you are allowed to “mulligan” your character once per tier (heroic, paragon and epic); you’ll need to retain the same class and race, however, you can re-adjust your stats, powers and feats as if you were building from level 1 up to the level of your character prior to the rebuild.

  • No Gamebreakers – Infinite damage loops, unhitable characters, and boss one shot combos ruin the fun for every one. please avoid these….as a warning if Blizzard can create Sunwell Radiance a GM can do far worse to fix a broken mechanic.
  • Loot – I will assign look and magical Items to the best of my ability, however, I cannot know your characters as well as you do and as such it would benefit you greatly to submit a magic item wish list to my email ( I will not necessarily give you everything you want off your list, but I can use it as a guide to help me in picking out loot parcels. The name, slot, and level of a magic item is all the information I need so long as we have DDI access, however should we lose this access book and page numbers will be required for me to consider your list. Also please feel free to include any mundane items like a wagon, house, or even a funny hat that you might like your character to acquire. Magic Item wish lists are optional!

Gaming Policies

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