Dreams and Armies

Rewards at end of session

  • 400 exp each
  • +1 Flaming Whip
  • 100 GP Total
  • Gromgosh the Troll
Stirrings of War [WIP]

The party wakes up the next morning in the castle quarters provided by their gracious host, Arnas. Captain Wilhelm Slambert summons them all to a meeting after breakfast.

Today is the start of [placeholder:] the Dragon Festival and Captain Slambert’s men are spread thin to provide security during the big event. Captain Slambert says that if Conatus and his nation of Scagmaul wish to prove they are allies, maybe he would help by doing some patrolling tonight, to make such no mischief occurs. Captain Slambert goes on to say that the city sewers have always been a trouble area, breading thieves, raiders, and other folk of ill-intent. He fears they may make a move while the city guard are distracted by the festival.

After hearing Captain Slambert’s request, Conatus agrees to aid him, for he says Scagmaul does not let down its friend. Conatus once again asks his new-found companions if they would join him. CAP says he will follow his instructor anywhere, and agrees. Serah agrees, seeing it as an opportunity to explore the city for clues to the whereabouts of the famed alchemist.

The party eat a hearty lunch and assemble in eastern entrance chamber. They move out into the courtyard, escorted by Captain Slambert, who fills them in on more details concerning the city and patrolling, when out of the corner of their eyes, Conatus and Serah notice the guards in the tower stations flanking the inner-castle wall gate appear to be incapacitated or dead. Conatus quickly brings this to Wilhelm’s attention, and the party, now temporarily including Wilhelm, rush to see what has occurred. As soon as they make a break for the tower-stations, the unseen adversaries know they have been spotted and spring an attack.

Unknown to the party below, Roran Stronghammer is perched on a rooftop to their right. He had infiltrated the rebel movement within Kingsport a couple months earlier, on orders from Wilhelm. Roran grew up in Kingsport, adopted by Shield Dwarf parents who made their living as merchants. Often busy with work, Roran became a street-rat, dabbling in petty crime, gangs, and generally shady activities. He became known in the authorities recently, and Wilhelm personally apprehended him. Roran’s parents were know as patriotic citizens and their business was important to the city, so Wilhelm said he would give Roran a chance to avoid his parent’s knowing how far he had fallen. Roran would work his way into the rebel group that operated out of the sewers and feed information to Wilhelm. Roran successfully infiltrated the rebels, and even knew of the coming attack, but was unable to warn Wilhelm without blowing his cover.

Roran knows he must aid them, for the rebel archers have the high ground and are supported by new rebels, who Roran believes to be foreigners and more skilled that usual rebel forces. He takes a shot, catching the rebels off guard. He kills the sole rebel in the left tower-station with one bolt from his crossbow.

The battlefield after Roran’s surprise attack:

08 08 10 1450

More archers begin to scale the northern wall, which serves as both the exterior wall and wall to the royal castle.

New archer on the northern wall:

08 08 10 1451

The party dispatch the remaining rebels in the tower-stations, Conatus climbing the right tower. However, more archers have scaled the northern wall and out of the blue more forces appear in the street, including two triceratops that burst through the corner of the southern wall that separates the royal castle from the rest of the city. They are whipped forward by a human handler of some sort, while a human rebel commander shouts from a rooftop outside the interior castle war, inciting his forces to attack. He orders them to set buildings on fire.

Wilhelm, Conatus, Serah and CAP move through the gate-way and engage the new ground forces, while four guards rush up from the castle doorway to assist. However, the castle guards are quickly assaulted by the many archers on the north wall, and only two make it to the relative cover of the gate-way. Roran places a well-aimed attack on the rebel commander shouting from the rooftop, injuring him greatly and causing him to roll off the roof in a panicked retreat. In the panic, he drops his torch, setting the building ablaze. Roran then begins to focus on the rebel archers along the north wall, since the party below is lacking in ranged weaponry.

CAP volunteers to head left, engaging two strong looking rebel footmen. Serah and Conatus move forward, only to see an even more important looking rebel commander, a Halfling, marching straight toward the gate, flanked by two armored, hulking guards. Conatus engages the Halfling, and using his best technique, decapitates him seconds later. The hulking guards prove more resilient, while one of the triceratops is whipped into a frenzy and charges Serah! The lesser rebel commander wounded by Roran lays in pain on the floor beside the building he was on, and before he can muster the strength to move, part of the burning thatch roof falls on him, consuming him in fire.

CAP takes down one of the rebel footmen without much trouble, but begins to be hampered by repeated attacks from the archers. Roran shifts his focus to the triceratops that has not yet charged, for fear the party won’t be able to handle two at once. He attempts to blind it with a barrage of crossbow bolts, but has to be close for it to work, so he jumps off his perch, flying over its head. He succeeds in blinding and gravely wounding the beast, but lands just in front of it. The beast becomes enraged and flings Roran with its horns. He lands some forty feet away, near Conatus and Wilhelm. The beast then rampages around, behind a building to the right of most of the party. Wilhelm moves over Roran’s body, to protect him while he regains his composure after being flung across the battlefield.

The battlefield currently:

08 08 10 1707

Wilhelm shouts that Roran is any ally, and the party begins to defeat the remaining forces. Serah uses her divine magic to allow Roran to return to the fight at near full strength. The blinded and wounded triceratops charges through the building set on fire by the first, lesser rebel commander. The triceratops is burned badly and catches Serah in its charge, pinning her against the opposite building. The party make quick work of the wounded triceratops and the other triceratops, and CAP manages to defeat the other rebel footman.

Seeing the battle lost, the archers on the north wall begin to repel down the wall, retreating. CAP picks up a dagger off one of the rebels he defeated and throws it, hitting a rebel archer. The blow causes the rebel to fall from the northern side of the wall, ensuring his death.

Wilhelm asks the party to aid the city in recovering from this massive rebel attack. Smoke and fire can be seen in many places in the distance. Conatus and CAP begin to rush civilians out of burning buildings and then work to put out the fires. Serah works to heal the wounded, and Wilhelm assist in many places. Meanwhile, Roran sneaks off to the building he was perched on when the attack began. It is a royal treasure vault, and he takes advantage of the distraction and dismay to sneak inside and relieve the royalty of a few hundred gold coins.

After an hour or so, the city seems to be relatively in order and Wilhelm feels confidant leaving things in the hands of his subordinates. He suggests the party gives chase to the rebel archers, hoping to gain information on as to who is commanding the attack and seeing that justice is brought to them. They make haste, Conatus tracking the archers’ path through the wilderness. They come upon a clearing not far from Kingsport and behold a terrible sight. A small army is massing, some 2,000 strong. On the top of a small cliff, leaders of the forces seem to be speaking to the men and the archers who retreated earlier line the back of the hill. They seem to be on the lookout for anyone who may have followed, but fail to notice the party.

The scene in the clearing:

08 08 10 2026

08 08 10 2027

Experience points:

  • Stephen: 1231
  • Everyone else: 1331


  • 125 gold – Roran
  • 125 silver – Roran
  • Pearl – Roran
  • Amethyst – Unclaimed
  • Iron armbands of power – Conatus
  • Healer’s Brooch – unclaimed
  • Radiant Blaster – C.A.P.
  • Gold ring with Garnet – Roran
  • Ruby Scabbard – Unclaimed
  • 530 gold – unclaimed
  • 1,362 silver – unclaimed
  • Moonstone – unclaimed
  • Jade – unclaimed
  • Topaz – unclaimed
  • Alexandrite – unclaimed
  • Cloak of Resistance – unclaimed
  • Haverd’s Handy Haversack – unclaimed
  • Circlet of Second Chances – unclaimed
  • 1 set master-crafted plate-mail – unclaimed
  • 1 set of finely-crafted chain-mail – unclaimed (everything below is unclaimed)
  • 5 finely-crafted hide armors
  • 20 finely-crafted long swords
  • 15 finely-crafted longbows
  • 100 long swords
  • 100 sets of chain-mail
  • 30 leather armors
  • 30 halberds
  • 15 sets plate-mail
  • 100 bows
  • Finely crafted melee weapons grant +1 damage & +1 reflex defense against melee attacks
  • Finely crafted ranged weapons add +1 to hit and + 10ft to range
  • Finely crafted armors reduce armor check by 1
  • Master crafted armors reduce armor check by 1 and provide one point of additional armor
Aleria Prologue [WIP]

Session Summery

Conatus left Scagmaul Four days ago on horseback and under cover of darkness, sworn to protect Ambasador Shecrog Scagmaul on her journey to Kingsport. This task, the safety of Scagmaul’s diplomatic future however was not left in his hands alone, traveling along side him is the esteemed hobgoblin warrior Grumgrok the Bold his task was a critical one, having traveled to Kingsport once before Grumgrok was to serve as guide and or course leader to the bugbear Conatus

For the past two days Conatus has heard footsteps in the darkness…a shadow hunts his group. Knowing this, Grumgrok saw fit to lead his party further and further north, away from Kingsport. He hoped that his cowardly stalkers would not risk a trek so near to the Agneron Mountain Range.

However the shadows have continued to follow and now a more troubling sign can be heard from atop the mountains…drums….Orcish drums. Suddenly, savage wolves rushed forward, a Gnoll whipping them from behind. Orcs leaped out from the cliffs and a massive Minotaur slowly marched in from behind the Gnoll.

During the ensuing battle Grumgrok is killed, Conatus wounded gravely, and Ambassador Shecrog captured by the Orcs. However, Conatus did not yield easily, for two Orcs lay dead and the mighty minotaur Krodan bears a deep gash across his right thigh, greatly slowing his movement.

Two weeks ago while staying in The Gray Mare Inn within the town of Hilldale Serah heard rumors of an Alchemist in Kingsport by the name of Gaius Pendragon, whom supposedly could cure any disease magical or mundane with a special tonic he had created. The man who spoke of Gaius was elderly perhaps in his 60s or 70s, he claimed that years and years ago when he had traveled to the land of Balvora he had been stricken with Lycanthropy, and that by sheer chance he had ended up on a ship bound for Arnas and aboard that vessel he met Gaius whom cured him of his affliction over the coarse of a few treatments with the tonic he regained control of himself and the moon no longer drove him into a bloodlust.

In Search of this Alchemist Serah has traveled by horse to northern Arnas, hoping that upon reaching the City of Spires she might find teleportation to The Eldrich Enclave and from there a ship to Arnas thus saving a great deal of time that lance does not have.

However along the way she to the city she stumbles across a battlefield, the ground is scorched and the air smells of gore. Several orcs lay dead…among the dead are also a hobgobin and a bugbear….however as she approaches Bugbear she notices though his body is battered and broken…he yet draws breath…if only barely.

Serah is compelled by her nature to heal the wounded Bugbear. Soon after tending to the Conatus’ wounds, the two strike up a conversation in regards to the battle. Conatus explains that he was protecting an ambassador from his kingdom and that they were stalked and ambushed by this unknown enemy. Though she was human, Conatus took inspiration from the goal of his mission, to ally with Arnas, and asked Serah for her aid is rescuing the Ambassador Shecrog. Reluctantly, Serah agrees and the two trek up the mountain pass in the direction it appears the Orcish band headed in.

Upon entering the caverns, Serah and Conatus came upon two Orcs wrestling. They quickly spring into action, surprising the Orcs, who were too wrapped up in their tiff to notice our adventures enter. The Orcs prove no match for a rested and reinvigorated Conatus and the armored might of Serah. The two press on, seeing nothing else of importance in the entrance room.

Serah and Conatus come upon a cave-in. It blocks their progress, and there appears to be no other way to continue deeper into the cave. Certain they felt no earthquake and heard no cave-ins or landslides, the two begin to search for any hidden floor switches or secret passages. Soon, their efforts pay off a hidden doorway is found to the right, several feet before the cave-in.

(Secret door on right located on right) Conatus and Serah descend into the previously hidden passage. Upon exiting the passageway, they come upon a square room with strange humanoid statues in each corner. Just inside the room, facing the entrance they used, four runes are inscribed across the floor. After studying the runes for a minute, the two are unable to obtain any understanding of the runes, and decide to proceed with caution. As they pass over the runes, the four statues become animated and begin to attack. Their eyes glow bright with energy and a moment later beams of searing energy fire at Conatus and Serah. The automatons prove no match for the pair, and soon Conatus and Serah are on their way. They decide to head right, through the double-door passage, rather than forward into the open hallway.

The pair find themselves in another square room, slightly larger than the last, but with a striking centerpiece: a large pillar, reaching all the way to the ceiling. Metal pipes and cables come from several directions and connect to the pillar, feeding it with untold amounts of energy and mysterious fluids, possibly alchemical in nature.

On their left in a large table/workbench. Strange and intricate tools are arranged across its surface, but the recognize very few of them. They move on, inspecting the towering pillar. On the backside, they find an intricate and unique hole in the front, likely meant for a custom key. A second inspection of the workbench and quick sweep of the room produce nothing that matches the slot. Our adventures decide to press on, and attempt to go though the double-doors opposite of where they entered. They find the doors to be sealed tight, too tight to be pried open, so they backtrack to the room with the automatons and go down the previously unexplored hallway.

Pillar/workbench room (C.A.P. room)

The passage quickly splits left and right. A quick exploration left leads to a cave-in. Conatus and Serah wonder about the stability of this passage. They quickly head right and come across a door, which opens without trouble. In the center of the small room ahead of them floats what appears to be a detailed and magical crystal. It has a unique shape…matching that of the slot on the pillar. The pair realize this and, seeing no exit from the room with the crystal key, grab the key and head back to the pillar room.

Vault room with key-like object.

Throwing caution to the wind, Conatus and Serah decide to insert the crystal key into the slot on the pillar. The pillar lights up with energy, steam vents from various openings, and the hum of magical energy fills the room. The pillar starts to move, splitting open and revealing a unique-looking automaton inside. He bears a round shield on each arm and is red and black in color. The automaton comes to life, and due to there last encounter with such creatures, Serah and Conatus put their guard up, ready for a right.

However, the automaton does not engage them, rather, he begins to question them. He seems to have no knowledge of where he is or what has recently occurred. Further conversation with our adventurers reveals he has never been activated before, and from what he seem to know, he is a special weapon of the ancient Dwarves, a weapon meant to turn the tide of the war the Dwarves of old had with the Deva. He identifies himself as C.A.P.

Not sure of his purpose, due to the fact that Serah assures him the war has been over for hundreds of years, CAP asks to join the two adventures, so that he might find his way out the facility and begin to search for a purpose. Serah and Conatus agree, and notice the entire cavern system seems to be lite up since they activated CAP. They walk up to the door that had previously be sealed tight and it opens automatically.

The start to set out down the hallway before the, but CAP quickly tells them to wait. He appears to be reading a sign on the wall, a sign with more ruins like the ones Serah and Conatus were unable to read. CAP says the hallway is trapped, to ward against intruders, and leads the way. Following his every step, the party moves through without springing any traps. The hall ends in a small room, with seemingly no purpose. The only thing in the room appears to be a small panel with a few buttons/knobs.

CAP informs them the room is an elevator, something which Serah and Conatus have never heard of. CAP activated it and it goes in the only direction it can, up.

The elevator ascends to its destination, but no exit is apparent. They just appear to be standing in a small room, wall of every side. Then the party notices voices and sounds of feasting coming from beyond the wall which faces the direction they entered the elevator. After careful listening, Conatus believes it to be the party of Orcs that abducted Ambassador Shecrog. CAP says he will aid in the rescue of this prisoner, tells the others to ready for battle, and finally seems to effortlessly cause the wall in front of them to slide open.

The feast hall with the elevator behind a hidden wall.

The party rushes forward, surprising the feasting Orcs and their Minotaur leader, Krodan. The wound on his leg freshly bandaged, the Minotaur is slow to rise, screaming orders for his minions to attack. The battle drags on, Serah providing divine support that all but nullifies the fierce attacks of the Orcish band and wolves whipped into frenzies by a Gnoll master. Conatus and CAP manage to cut down a few Orcs and wolves, then the Krodan moves in, enraged. He cuts down two of his own men in an effort to get to Conatus, but quickly meets his end as Conatus takes revenge, plunging his short-swords deep into the Krodan’s chest. The remaining Gnoll and Orcs are killed in short order and victory belongs to the newly made adventuring party.

The Minotaur leader, Krodan.

Ganok, Bandit Leader

Our heroes found the Hobgoblin ambassador chained to the floor in a cold wet room that contained the battered rotting corpses of the orc’s pasts victims.

The three adventurers then came to a smelly but large room that appeared to be the minotaurs quarters. There they find a note, apparently addressed to the Minotaur.

Serah, Conatus and CAP leave with Ambassador Shecrog and make haste for Kingsport, the capital of Arnas. This was Conatus’ party’s destination, and the rumored located of a powerful alchemist that Serah hopes can cure her husband, Lance, of his strange condition.

The party arrives after a few days march and heads for the palace. A messenger had been sent in advance, so they were expected. A royal porter shows the party in, leading them to spare quarters they can use to rest.

The party is treated to a fine meal and rests well for once. The next day, the Captain of the City Guard, Wilhelm Slambert, greets the party and formally welcomes them to Kingsport, capital and jewel of Arnas.

Rewards at End of Session.

Magic Items
  • +1 Harmony Blade (Modified for light blade) - Conatus
  • +1 Lifegiving Plate Armor - Sarah
  • Small Pristine Starstone (Powers C.A.P.’s armblades) - Cap
  • 3 potions of healing - Unclaimed
Mundane Items
  • Tabard of Bahamut - Serah
  • 5 Javelins - Conatus
  • Large Silver Nosering - Conatus
  • Amber - Unclaimed
  • Garnet - Unclaimed
  • 2 Minotaur Horns - Conatus
  • 90 Gold Pieces Total
  • 323 Silver Pieces Total
  • 20 Copper Pieces Total
Experience Points
  • 1092 Experience Each (Attained Level 2)
  • +1 Benefit Point - Conatus
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